GAM Hospitality | Hotel Asset Management
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Hotel Asset Management

Our team’s experience in asset managing extends to virtually every type of hotel and brand. This uniquely qualifies us to generate new revenue while putting into motion our cost-saving ideas resulting in an increase your bottom line. We use a “hands-on” asset managing approach. Below is a brief overview of our detailed program services:

  • Monthly detailed P/L conference calls with the executive committee of the hotel and the senior management representative for the hotel.
  • Review of both the operational P/L and end-of-month sales report from an owner’s perspective.
  • A focus on accountability from both the property and management company is responsible for both top- and bottom-line performance.
  • Quarterly reviews on-site to inspect the ongoing condition and service levels at the hotel.

  • Complete GAM team availability to any individual department head or sales manager that has an operating deficiency that needs correction.
  • Analysis and development of capital plans from an owner’s perspective to determine whether any capital expenditures will deliver an acceptable rate of return.
  • Successful negotiation of significant waivers from hotel brands for new brand standards when those standards did not deliver an acceptable return.
  • Create prime positioning of properties for sale.

The focus of our GAM asset management program is on increased operating results or creating additional value. This can be accomplished in several ways – increasing expenditures that boost the value of your hotel property or elimination of unnecessary expenditures.


We welcome the opportunity to share our experiences in restructuring hotel operations with you and your ownership or operating management company.


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